Monday, October 25, 2010

Sticking my toe into the pool again

This is my second try at a blog. A few years back I had one I updated fairly regularly for few months that dealt with teaching, and I was pretty happy with it. The problem was that I felt pretty constrained there. It felt like I was at work each time I published a post. Don't get me wrong; I love my job, and I enjoy interacting with other teachers and fellow educators, but, c'mon…everybody needs to let their hair down and be themselves once and a while.

So while I didn't close the doors on the old blog (I may get the urge to post to it again sometime), I've decided to fire up another one where I can talk about things that matter to me.

Starting with my next post, I'll get into just exactly what those things are. It should be interesting. I know I'm dying to know what they are.

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