Friday, December 17, 2010

Some beliefs apparently don't stand up to criticism

I find it amusing how many religious apologist blogs out there refuse to permit debate.  I use Firefox for my browsing, and one of my favorite addons is the Stumbleit.  I use it frequently to find random pages to read, and as religion and atheism are two of my areas of interest, I naturally run across a number a sites of both stripes.  What seems to be the norm is that atheist sites and religious sites that deal with more humanistic themes tend to allow fairly unrestricted replies.   Most of the apologist sites, especially those that delve into the most egregious logical fallacies and straw man arguments, tend to have closed replies.

I've posted extremely polite counter points to numerous blogs, only to have a message come up saying that my post "awaits moderation."  That in and of itself is not problematic.  I completely understand wanting to filter out spam and obvious trolling comments.  I've deleted comments myself here that were nonsensical and vaguely threatening.  But all I've done is refute factual errors and non-sequitors, and for some reason my comments almost never actually make it into the public eye.

I LOVE the discussion of ideas.  Part of the reason I started this blog was in the hopes of churning up discussion with those I disagree with.  I can't imagine writing a blog where you didn't want to consider any other opinions but your own.

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