Monday, November 15, 2010

The evening's itinerary

Let's see, school let's out at 3:20.  I worked out for an hour then went home.  I had dinner about five o'clock, then graded papers for about and hour and a half.  Then I got online and worked on my grad class assignments for the week, getting about half done.  I take a small stretch (during which I'm writing this entry), then I sit back down to continue planning a big cross-curricular unit for the ninth grade that starts after Thanksgiving break.

And sometime over the next week I've got to begin planning the unit assignment the caps off my grad class and is worth about half the grade.  This has to be done between doing lesson plans for the next week for my regular ninth grade and senior classes, as well as the five cyber classes I'm responsible for.  Oh, yeah...I still have to grade the work from the cyber classes.

Please keep things like this in mind the next time you mention to a teacher how great is must be to be done with work by 3:30 and he looks at you like he's considering ripping your throat out with his teeth.

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